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    Nioh’s Second DLC – Defiant Honor

    Siege on Osaka Castle

    Nioh will received its second DLC this month named Defiant Honor. The DLC will featured a winter Osaka Castle which many people will remembered as one of the largest and impregnable castle in the Sengoku era.

    New characters will be featured like warrior Sanada Yukiomura who serves the Toyotomi clan. William must navigate his way as the Toyotomi and Tokugawa clans fight in the Sanada Maru stronghold on Osaka Castle’s outskirts in the middle of winter.

    New Items and Difficulty

    The DLC will feature new weapons like the Tonfa, new armor, magic spirits, new guardians and enemies to collect and fight. Players who wants a little more challenge will be given new difficulty levels to make you die more.

    Defiant Honor DLC will be available on the 25 July for all season pass owners or can be purchase separately for $10 in the PSN store.

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