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    ‘NeuroNet’ Showcases Its First 10 minute Gameplay Footage

    A unique adventure, NeuroNet: Mendax Proxy, has for the first time released 10 minutes of exclusive gameplay as revealed by developer Dream Harvest. Combining gorgeous art, decision-making, and story-driven gameplay places the game in a unique position to challenge players’ morality.

    Source: Lewis Burnell

    In the footage above, the AI is working with a new branch of the CPA (Corporate Police Agency), headed up by Thompson, a lead Detective. Together they’re on the hunt for a human trafficker: Mueller. Previously skeptical of the AI’s value, actions and decisions taken up to this point have proven to be a valuable resource in piecing together Thompson’s cold cases. The CPA until recently didn’t have enough evidence to bring him in, until now.

    Faced with moral dilemmas as the story unfolds, this fully voice-acted adventure sees the choices you make directly change not only the direction the story takes but also its eventual outcome.


    Featuring dozens of unique characters, thousands of story events, multiple endings and a branching narrative, players are invited to answer one question: how will you save a city losing its humanity to technology?.

    NeuroNet can be wishlisted now on Steam and the Epic Games Store, with the iOS, Android and Nintendo store links going live soon.

    Key Features

    • Branching Narrative: With a branching narrative inspired by ‘Reigns’, player choice directly impacts the story. Some outcomes benefit the citizens of Catena and others benefit someone else…
    • Quick Decisions: The characters present problems that offer quick-fire solutions, but they are deceptively simple and have far-reaching repercussions. Good instincts are required to make the right choice at the right time.
    • Choices That Matter: See the impact of every choice you make as your influence spreads across the city. Analyse reports and read the social media feeds of the population to observe the effects. Throughout the story, your decisions will shape the path and determine the outcome.
    • Diverse Cast: Meet and build relationships with 23 diverse and fully voiced characters. Guide each one on their journey as they face the tough challenges life in Catena presents.
    • Compelling Events: Each story event offers a choice that affects the characters you meet. There are over 5000 story events to play.
    • Rich Lore: Explore the world of Catena through an expansive digital Codex packed with deep lore, engaging characters, and stunning cyberpunk environments.
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