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    Mythical 2D puzzle-platformer Evergate announced

    PQube and developer Stone Lantern Games are spirited to announce Evergate for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC/Steam!. The expansive 2D puzzle-platformer features a unique align-to-shoot mechanic. With it, players skillfully guide the child-like soul named Ki through a mythical story of dreams, memories, and reincarnation.

    Key Features:

      • A HEARTWARMING EPIC spanning life & death and space & time
      • OPEN-ENDED PUZZLES inviting many solutions
      • WORLD FILLED WITH POWER locked in crystalline form
      • EMPOWERING ARTIFACTS to upgrade Ki and the Soulflame
      • HAND-DRAWN ARTWORK creates wonder in every moment
      • RICH SOUNDTRACK evokes the magic of Ki’s journey

    Evergate will release for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC/Steam later this year!

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