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    Overwatch 2 – Season 11: Super Mega Ultrawatch Has Arrived

    Season 11 of Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch 2 kicks off with an old-fashioned good versus evil-showdown. There will be new Legendary Ultrawatch skins and also Mythic Calamity Empress Ashe

    New Mysthic Calamity Rewards

    Season 11 Premium Battle Pass will reward players with the Mythic Calamity Empress Ashe, alongside her no-good miscreant sidekick B.O.B., as she looks to defeat Ultrawatch and others who stand in their way.

    You can unlock Calamity Empress Ashe when you collect 50 Mythic Prisms, then continue collecting Prisms to customize the diabolical fallen Empress with three additional configurations.

    Next will be a new Mythic cosmetic, the Mythic Weapon Skins. You will be able to equip the Mythic Weapon Skin with the respective heroes that come with exclusive sounds and visuals. Stay tuned to unlock incredible powers with the Mythic Bound Demon Reinhardt Weapon Skin, coming 23 July.

    Super Mega Rewards in the Premium Battle Pass

    Ultrawatch skins will also be in the Premium Battle Pass like Legendary Ultrawatch skins for Genji, Reaper, and Sojourn plus Lifeguards skins as you progress this season. You can also earn dozens of other action-packed rewards including sprays, skins, and more.

    What’s in the Premium Battle Pass?

    • Up to 80 Mythic Prisms
    • 5 Legendary Skins
    • Lifeguard Lucio Epic Skin
    • 500 Credits
    • Additional Rewards including Souvenirs, Weapon Charms, Victory Poses, Highlight Intros and Emotes
    • Everything in the Free Battle Pass including two additional Epic skins, 600 Overwatch Coins, an additional 1,500 Credits, and more!

    Ultimate Time with Ultimate Battle Pass

    When you purchase the Ultimate Battle Pass bundle, you’ll be able to summon all the exciting rewards in the Premium Battle Pass, plus 20 Tier Skips, 2000 Overwatch Coins, along with the Kaiju Roadhog and Kaiju Zenyatta Legendary Skins and rampage across the battlefield with your new monsters.

    Celebrating 100 Million players

    Over 100 million players have played Overwatch 2 and to celebrate this achievement, the team is bringing back the Pink Mercy skin alongside the new Rose Gold Mercy Bundle. 100% of the purchase price from these items will benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (excluding any applicable platform fees and taxes). Join this noble cause and elevate your game with these rare collector’s items. Both skins will be in the shop starting Tuesday, 25 June, so don’t miss out on this rose-golden opportunity to be a hero and help support breast cancer research (read more here).

    There are other updates like,

    • Return of Community Crafted mode
    • Login Rewards
    • Community Created Drops on Twitch

    • New Runasapi Push map
    • Hero Mastery for Kiriko and Soldier: 76
    • Heroes Buff and changes

    All this will be available in Season 11 in Overwatch 2. The game is free to play for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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