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    My Memory of Us – Narrated by Patrick Stewart

    You know how to make your memories more meaningful? With Patrick Stewart narrating your game of course! My Memory of Us, developed by Juggler Games and the game is announced for all current-gen consoles and PC. With a legendary voice narrating your every path. It would really bring out…

    The Captain in you

    This 2D side-scrolling game comes with a deep storytelling of friendship in an imaginary world overrun by robots. It depicts the environment of a pre- World War 2 Warsaw, Poland. Both characters in the game have to work together to survive this threat.



    Based on Steam, My Memory of Us Features:

    • A moving story about friendship and love in dangerous times
    • A beautiful, sketch-like graphics inspired by naïve art
    • Pair mechanics: take control of two individual characters with different skills and abilities, or control them together as a pair
    • A grotesque tale mixed with bittersweet humour
    • The events shown in the game are based on actual stories from the war
    • A dialogue system built around the language of symbolic pictures
    • Various logical puzzles in 2.5D
    • A story that offers deeper meaning, set in historical realities

    “So when it came time to cast a narrator, Patrick Stewart was a perfect choice. His amazing acting career spans nearly six decades, and since the very beginning, he has produced incredible and emotional work. His talent and skill provides the right mixture of gravitas and hope, and his performance resonates perfectly with our game.” said Mikołaj Pawłowski, CEO, Juggler Games.


    The game has been announced for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Steam PC on October 9, 2018, Switch version will follow up at a later date.


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