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    Playstation 4 – Month of July Game Releases

    With E3 behind us, we had an amazing month of June. Lets see what is coming for us in the month of July now.

    7 July 2017 – Accel World Vs Sword Art Online

    When 2 worlds start to merge together, chaos ensues and our heroes must team up to not only save the worlds but also to save Yui. Fans of either series will be happy with this Action RPG game with a handful of characters from both worlds and their unique abilities. A 4v4 online mode is also available so that you can challenge friends.

    11 July 2017 – Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

    This is a HD remaster of the original Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System coming to the PlayStation 4. An updated higher resolution and added full surround sound support with English and Japanese voice over. This game has been updated to the current age and fans of the series will enjoy the trip down memory lane.

    11 July 2017 – Hunting Simulator

    Let’s go to the outdoors. With this game, you will have the perfect answer when your parents tell you to go out and play. Hunting Simulator features and single and multiplayers mode with various types of maps and objectives. So, hunt to your heart content because PETA won’t be able to disturb you in this game.

    14 July 2017 – Rogue Stormers

    This game is a 3D platform shooter with RPG elements. It looks like an updated version of Metal Slug to be honest. It looks very neat and fast pace and with 4 player co-op, Im sure this game will be a blast with friends.

    25 July 2017 – Fortnite

    From EPIC Games who brought us Unreal Tournament and Gears of War series. Fortnite is their new IP and it is a base defense game. Players will spend time to build a fort and defend it at the night from enemies.

    25 July 2017 – Aven Colony

    Do you like Sim City? Do you like Space? Well then this game takes these two and mash them together for a game. Aven Colony is a city building game where you are task of building a colony in a low atmosphere environment. Seasonal weather disasters like electric storms, toxic gas and dust devil will test your skills as you try to expand your colony in space.

    25 July 2017 – Pyre

    The month of July ends with a bang. Pyre is the new game from Supergiant game. These people are the minds behind such games as Bastion and Transistor. With new worlds and new gameplay, this game is sure to live up to the fans of the studio.

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