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    Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak! Latest Promotional Trailer And Game Information Available Now!

    Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, the massive expansion that brings various new contents to Monster Hunter Rise, is coming on June 30, 2022.

    Seregios, flagship monster of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, will reappear in Sunbreak!

    Various monsters, such as “The Three Lords”, an infamous trio of monsters that threaten the lands of the Kingdom, inhabit different locales in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. This time, we bring you the latest information of Seregios, the flagship monster of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, and new subspecies of monsters from Rise. Also, we will unveil the mystery of Malzeno, the flagship monster in Sunbreak.

    Large Flying Wyverns with sharp scales called “Bladescales” all over their body. Seregios are well-known as extremely territorial and belligerent creatures, often engaging in intense combat against other large monsters. Be especially careful when they launch their scales from their body. Some of their attacks cause the Bleeding status, draining the hunter’s health. They have a wide variety of attacks.

    Aurora Somnacanth
    Light illuminates the dust scattered around this subspecies, making their fantastical appearance shimmer softly. Aurora Somnacanth sprays icy blasts in place of sleeping powder, attacking all who dare enter their territory.

    Magma Almudron
    Magma Almudron live in the Lava Caverns, manipulating rocks, unlike normal Almudron.
    They secrete a special liquid that melts the ground, allowing them to move freely through the earth.

    New types of Endemic Life come along with new monsters

    Starburst Bug
    Beetles that can be found in star-shaped clusters. Once established in a location, they remain stationary there for ages. Their shells are covered in a type of dust that reacts to external stimuli, yielding a change in the creature’s color. Upon impact, such as from a monster, the dust detonates. While this detonation will cause harm to creatures exposed to it, the beetles themselves are protected by their hard shells, and will simply flee.

    Small amphibians found in their droves in the Resinmires of the Citadel’s forests. Their elastic tongues are tipped with suckers used not only for hunting, but also for clinging to wood, masonry, and other creatures.

    A ferocious breed that will jump to devour anything, even wounded monsters.
    Their bodies swell when attacked, until they emit concentrated gastric acid that makes even large monsters recoil.

    Solve the mystery of Malzeno!

    Malzeno is a fearsome elder dragon that has brought the Kingdom to the brink of ruin many times in the past. It commands strange little creatures that it uses to capture monsters and drain them of their energy.
    It displays both a certain sense of beauty and elegance, as well as vicious cruelty when it catches its prey and consumes their life force. It’s said that if Malzeno manages to absorb a hunter’s life force, it evolves into an even more powerful form.

    • Bloodblight
      Some of Malzeno’s attacks cause the “bloodblight” status.

    Bloodblight reduces the hunter’s natural health recovery, gradually drains their health, and decreases the amount of health recovered by items.
    On the other hand, when the hunter attacks a monster in this state, they will regain health proportionate to the amount of damage dealt. It’s a tug-of-war with Malzeno, with both sides’ life force at stake!

    Master Rank quests with distinctive hunting experiences

    Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak introduces master rank (MR) quests which feature tweaked stats and new attacks for familiar monsters from Monster Hunter Rise!
    Even familiar monsters will have some new tricks up their sleeves!

    Switch Skill Swap: the new action to change Switch Skill Sets

    Sunbreak introduces a variety of new Switch Skills and Silkbind attacks.
    To accommodate for the increase in Switch Skills, the game introduces a new feature called “Switch Skill Swap” which allows you to swap between Switch Skill sets on the fly.

    There are two customizable sets: the Red Switch Skill Swap Scroll and the Blue Switch Skill Swap Scroll. You can use Switch Skill Swap to quickly change back and forth between these two scrolls. There are various new combos that weren’t previously possible, so experiment with your favorite moves to create your own hunting style!

    Combo from a Switch Skill Swap into a Swap Evade!

    Swap evade is a new movement ability that can only be used after a Switch Skill Swap.
    It lets you move quickly in any direction, so that you can dodge monster attacks and maintain your distance.

    New Switch Skills and Silkbind Attacks for all 14 weapon types!

    Introduction videos to the 14 new weapon types will be available on official website starting from May 16. Stay tuned!

    Tweaks in Monster Hunter Rise

    In addition to new features, a wide variety of tweaks will be added to Rise for a more comfortable hunting experience. Below are some examples.

    • Wyvern Riding Controls
      Apart from the previous “Button operation for attacking or Sheathed” in Wyvern Riding Controls in Options, a new action “Button operation for Sheathed” has been added to allow the user to choose between riding the monster or keep attacking it under mountable state.
    • Improved Wall Running
      You no longer have to perform a Wiredash in order to initiate a wall run! Simply dash, jump, or perform a midair evade towards a wall in order to run on it. Wall runs can even be initiated from other moves that don’t require the Wirebug Gauge.

    Note: An additional option will allow you to control whether dashing, jumping, and midair evades will initiate a wall run. (Choose from “ON,” “OFF” or “OFF only in combat”).
    More new tweaks will be revealed in near future.

    Go out on Follower Collab Quests with a variety of characters!

    Follower Collab Quests are single-player-only quests where you go on a hunt with various characters that appear in the story. These colorful characters will join you as Followers, allowing for a completely new hunting experience.

    Followers will help you out in a variety of ways, such as by using health recovery items and placing traps, and sometimes even riding monsters.
    You’ll be able to earn exclusive rewards in these quests, so make sure to give them a try as you make your way through the story!

    • Your friends from Kamura and Elgado will join you as Followers!
      The cast of characters that can join you as Followers will increase bit by bit as you play through the story. They all have their own weapons and attacks that they’re proficient at, so try to find which ones synergize best with your play style!

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    If you have saved data for Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, you can get the Navirou Costume layered armor for your Palico in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak!
    Make sure to use it in combination with the Rider Series hunter layered armor, and the Tsukino Costume Collab Quest reward that you earned in Monster Hunter Rise!

    Free title updates will be available after release!

    Additional details and information for free title updates in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will be available in June.

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