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    Highly Anticipated Card Battle RPG: “Vanguard ZERO” To be officially released for Mobile on April 9th 2020

    Vanguard ZERO” is a Card Battle RPG based on the highly acclaimed TCG, “Cardfight!! Vanguard” for iOS and Android mobile devices.


    A rich Story Mode and a plethora of Quests will keep player occupied in solo play, but the main course is definitely the white-hot competitive PVP modes!

    Player can also look forward to a mobile game filled with Vanguard’s charms such as characters, individual stories, cardfights, and the “My Room” feature where player can customize personal space with favorite characters and furniture.

    With the support of everyone who has participated in the pre-registration events for “Vanguard ZERO”, we have achieved over 40,000 registrations of interest to date.

    Pre-registrations will be until April 9th, 2020. The rewards will be sent out to players on launch day itself, and can be claimed from the in-game Gift Box.

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