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    Mobile : TEVOL Launches Its Global Game App, ‘TRIBIO Puzzle’ ,Brain Match 3 game, on Google Play and Apple’s App Store

    TEVOL, a mobile game developer, registered in G-STAR 2018, a global game exhibition held in Korea, and soft-launched the service in the Korean market in October last year. Based on the user feedback, the company unveiled (or is to unveil) the full version in North America, Europe, Austria, India, and Japan.


    What sets TRIBIO Puzzle apart from other typical puzzle games is that the app combines the genres of brain game and tile-matching puzzle game. If you create three blocks in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, the adjacent blocks become yours. If you combine these into three straight blocks again, there will be a massive and dynamic domino reaction and you will complete the stage.


    TRIBIO Puzzle also incorporates pollution issues like removing garbage from a pelican’s body and cleaving rocks into smaller stones. The game, featuring domino-like chain reactions, encourages brain-stimulating activities such as intuition, logic, memorization, and association.


    With a variety of difficulty levels from 4X4 to 8X8 and more than 600 different stages, the officially released version provides users with an enjoyable gaming experience. To satisfy the needs of many different customers, the game offers two modes, Stage Mode and Challenge Mode.


    “We used the simplest yet distinctive rule to expand the app to different genres and platforms and to consistently appeal to everyone,” says CEO Moon Cheol-ho, “We will make our best effort to bring it to the level of globally successful games like Tetris and Bejeweled.”


    TRIBIO Puzzle is now available on Apple App Store and Google Play store.


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