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    Square Enix Montréal and TAITO To collaboration On New “Space Invaders” with Augmented Reality

    Square Enix Montréal and TAITO announced a collaboration on a new vision for the Space Invaders brand with a mobile game that includes innovative augmented reality (AR) features.

    This new game takes the Iconic franchise in an exciting new direction, delivering players a compelling and completely new experience through its blend of proprietary AR technology and modern art style. The beloved IP is among the highest-grossing game franchises of all time and a premier brand within the Square Enix group portfolio.

    “We are extremely inspired by our collaboration with TAITO to re-imagine the Space Invaders franchise in a contemporary way while shaping it to our ambitious vision of what it can be on mobile,” “At Square Enix Montréal we are huge fans of the franchise and the team has risen to the challenge of showing how all-new technology can breathe fresh energy into a game as timeless as Space Invaders.”

    Patrick Naud – Head of Studio of Square Enix Montréal

    Harkening back to the series’ legacy of technical innovation, the game lets players interact with the real world via augmented reality gameplay in a new and delightful way. Players will defend the world against an invasion wielding the magic of AR and the power of mobile devices.

    “Collaborating with Square Enix Montréal on their bold vision for Space Invaders has been an incredible endeavor,” “As fans of our classic series, they are treating Space Invaders with the utmost care and respect. We are thrilled that the game is coming out with new technology and fresh taste and will further expand the universe of the Space Invaders franchise.”

    Tetsu Yamada – President and Representative Director, Taito Corporation

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