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    Oppo F11 Pro Marvel’s Avengers edition coming to you soon!

    With Avengers:Endgame around the corner, OPPO Malaysia have announced the release OPPO F11 Pro Marvel’s Avengers Limited Edition.

    The OPPO F11 Pro Marvel’s Avenger edition’s back cover design resembles Captain America’s classic costume with an Avengers Logo on top of it. OPPO Malaysia have yet to release details regarding this limited edition device besides the back cover design.

    As we’ve mentioned in our review earlier this week, the OPPO F11 Pro is capable of performing as a gaming phone on top of having a great camera. Here’s a list of Marvel based games from the Google Play Store while you wait for the device to go on sale.

    Marvel Future Fight (Google Play | iOS)

    Get access to some of the most beloved Marvel characters including the Avengers, Spider-Man, Daredevil, and the Guardians of the Galaxy, complete with their signature moves and abilities that will allow players to build their own unstoppable team in the fight against well-known villains such as Loki, Doctor Octopus, and Ultron!

    Marvel Contest Of Champions (Google Play | iOS)

    Assemble a mighty team of heroes (and villains) and take them to battle, while answering the challenge of a mysterious new super powerful cosmic competitor, in the only arcade-style fighting mobile game that dives deep into the Marvel Universe.

    Marvel Puzzle Quest (Google Play | iOS)

    Assemble a team of Marvel’s biggest super heroes and villains and battle with Puzzle Quest’s trademark match-3 and story-telling gameplay in a game that combines favorite Marvel characters with a deep RPG leveling, player vs. player, character upgrades, and more!


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