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    Mobile : Gigantic X: a new shooting action game soft launches!

    A Korean mobile game developer renowned for its quality action games, ActionSquare has soft-launched their new title, Gigantic X. Gigantic X is now available at Google Play Store in Australia & Singapore.


    Gigantic X shifts players to a far future, where the human race colonized entire star systems in a distant galaxy. Future humans have faced native aliens in new territories and must fight them to secure resource and safety. As a recruit of mega-corporations outer space, players will choose one from three distinctive characters and attend battles against aliens. Each of the characters has a special ability as a point man, a technician and a brawler.


    Gigantic X is a top-down shooting action game. Within Gigantic X, single play is thrilling but multiplayer modes guarantee more fun as well as greater rewards. In multiplayer battles, the characters will play a significant role in a team to help each other and to win battles.


    In this soft launch version, players can attend two main missions. One mission is to defend against the attack of alien waves or to break into alien dungeons and defeat the boss. Players who played this soft launch version will get an exclusive item at global launch. The soft launch is open for 30 days from today to May 4.


    After the soft launch, Gigantic X will be pushing for global launch with AOS and iOS versions with massive multiplayer contents added.


    Park Sang-woo, the CEO of ActionSquare said ‘I believe that Gigantic X will deliver maximum fun and thrill on mobile devices’ He further stated ‘During the soft launch, we are willing to hear from players and collect feedbacks to be fully prepared for global launch’


    As of now, ActionSquare currently has multiple titles in their line-up across different gaming platforms including mobile, Steam, and Nintendo Switch including ‘Eternal Rhapsody’ and more.


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