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    Mobile – Fury Survivor: Pixel Z Announces Pre-Registration

    Developers Leiting Games have announced that pre-registration for their upcoming mobile title Fury Survivor: Pixel Z has opened today May 1st, 2019. Fury Survivor Z is a zombie hack n’ slash with RPG elements which tasks players with not only surviving throngs of zombie attacks but with finding their families and building a compound.


    Featuring pixel graphics and bloody death animations, Fury Survivor Z brings a true zombie survival experience to the mobile platform. With various weapons for players to scavenge for to fend off endless waves of undead Fury Survivor Z delivers on classic hack n’ slash adrenaline-filled combat and gore while challenging players to navigate through perilous traps and various enemies.


    Incorporating RPG elements, players in Fury Survivor Z will be able to create their own refuge and interact with a cast of characters that have managed to survive the throngs of zombies. Surviving isn’t the only goal in Fury Survivor Z either as players will also follow the story of their character’s search for their lost family. As the debut story trailer shows, players will embark on a journey to find their family in the midst of the zombie apocalypse in a thrilling story-driven campaign experience.


    Players that are ready to take on the zombie hordes will be able to pre-register for Fury Survivor Z now, by heading to the App Store, Play Store or the official website and signing up for iOS or Android access.


    A list of features includes:

    • Fight off throngs of zombies in bloody hack n’ slash fashion
    • Fight for survival as you search for your family in a gripping story-driven game
    • Collect various weapons and gear
    • Navigate through traps and a variety of undead enemies
    • Scavenge for food, water, and supplies
    • Learn a variety of crafts
    • Create your own sustainable refuge
    • Interact with other survivors
    • Stylized pixel art graphics



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