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    Mobile: Rain tapping wrath in Thor: War of Tapnarok

    Monster forces from all nine realms have begun their quest of invasion on Asgard. Leading the pack is none other than Loki with the intention to rule over all the realms using the power of Helmdall’s Crystal Staff. The only one that stands in his was is none other than his brother, Thor. As the monster approaching the gates of Asgard, it is up to you and Thor to fight off the coming Tapnarok.

    That is the gist of the story for Appxplores spin-off from Thor: Lord of Storms of iCandy Games. Thor: War of Tapnarok features the following:-

    • Chaotic gameplay
    • Legendary allies like Freya, Tyr and even The All-Father Himself Odin will be joining you
    • As well as access to 37 of Asgard’s most power treasures

    The Early Access release proves to be a success hence Appxplore will be giving away a few goodies to everyone that downloads the game during launch.

    Through the power of tapping, marvel the might of Thor none has ever seen before especially on a mobile platform. Rain your wrath with the flurry of taps upon the enemies of Asgard!

    Thor: War of Tapnarok is available now on both the Google Play store and Apple App Store.

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