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    MMO ARPG – Magic: Legends lifts the veil on a deadly class: the Necromancer

    Publisher Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios recently revealed the Necromancer class will be one of the five starting Planeswalker classes available for Magic: Legends players at launch. The game is set for the release next year 2021 on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4.

    Source: Gematsu

    Players who choose the Necromancer class will find themselves in a constant balancing act between life and death.

    Summoning creatures, sacrificing them for benefits, and whittling down opponents over time will be key to a Necromancer’s success. Key abilities for the Necromancer include the following:

      • Grim Siphon, a mid-range lashing attack that drains life from foes over time
      • Grave Upheaval, a damage-dealing secondary ability that targets foes and summons two skeletons
      • Soul Wither, a utility ability that applies slows and damage over time effects to nearby enemies.

    The best Necromancers will walk a razor-fine edge between tremendous gain and devastating loss. Players can spend their own life force to summon powerful creatures while saving just enough health to siphon life away from foes and friendly units alike as their undead army grows ever stronger. For example, a player can summon several creatures, spend life to draw a spell, and then sacrifice one of their creatures as fodder to simultaneously heal the player and buff another of their summoned creatures. The Necromancer can sacrifice a stronger creature for even greater effect, then expend life to summon something even stronger. They can then siphon health from an enemy to top off their health and start the cycle anew. Maintaining balance is a dangerous game, but it positions the Necromancer to unleash uniquely devastating attacks on their foes.


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