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    Meet Phantom Doctrine = XCOM + Spy


    The game Phantom Doctrine, by CreativeForge Games is a strategic turn-based espionage thriller with a mix of Xcom mechanics. However unlike Xcom, the setting will be a dark, gloomy ashing of Cold War as a backdrop instead of a sci fi alien invasion.

    Would you look at that

    As Leader of the Cabal, an undercover cohort waging war against a global conspiracy. You will recruit, interrogate, brainwash and train agents in order to undercover, investigate, or research new technology. With addition of forging documents and identities. Rumor has it that the enemy factions may do the same to your agents.

    Your undercover agents will have to infiltrate in stealth, pretending to be employees, snipe or scoping guards movements, steal documents, killing or kidnapping specific targets or just gun’s blazing away!. Note that being spotted by your enemies may have direct consequences in future assignments (recognized by enemies).


    According to Steam description relating to the game in summary:

    • 40+ hour Single player campaign mode interwoven with numerous historical events and characters
    • Turn-based combat including variable Overwatch modes and assault-oriented Breach ability
    • Calling for assistance in the heat of battle. Do note however that enemies faction can do the same, including heavy weapons and even air support
    • Knowledge is power: Improve your chances of success by infiltrating mission locations with undercover operatives, be careful as enemy agents may devise a trap for your agents
    • Stealth gameplay: Clandestine operations can be completed with muffled weaponry, stealth takedowns and cutting edge Cold War technology.
    • Multiplayer Battles: lose friends and make new enemies in ruthless online multiplayer matches.
    • Utilize ruthless Technology; brainwashing, interrogation, body engineering and chemical enhancement are all fair game as you extract information by any means necessary.
    • Fully customizable character creation
    • Re-playable modular campaign
    • A spy thriller from two different points of view: Play as either a former KGB counterintelligence operative or a renegade CIA wet work commando.
    • Every decision has an impact.


    The game will be released on August 14, 2018 (Very soon) for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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