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    More Than Just A Movie – Mat Kilau Extends His Legacy In The Virtual World, King of Nations

    The name of Mat Kilau is not unfamiliar to Malaysians given the history of this country. After having his story immortalized through a recent theatrical feature film, Mat Kilau has left quite a mark among Malaysians in today’s local pop culture. However, it does not stop there. VNG Games proudly announces that legendary hero Mat Kilau will now enter the virtual world and expand his legacy on the mobile game King of Nations.

    Dato’ Adi Putra And Fattah Amin Talk About King Of Nations

    Available on Google Play & App store starting 22 August 2022, local fans’ anticipation is even accelerated when the game is introduced by the original actors – DATO’ ADI PUTRA AND FATTAH AMIN. VNG Games find their players in big stars like Dato Adi Putra and Fattah Amin due to their matching competitive spirit in wanting to fight to win.

    “An exciting replication of Mat Kilau character in mobile phone version with detailed-crafted Malay Busana and traditional weapons.”

    Dato Adi Putra

    Dato’ Adi Putra is a Malaysian star that has the ability to embody the true Malay spirit like Mat Kilau. With Dato Adi Putra having possessed that trait, it’s fitting to see him review King Of Nations with Mat Kilau as a game character.

    “Gamers should take the opportunity to experience the game and celebrate the spirit of patriotism and local pride through the Mat Kilau character featured in the mobile game.”

    Fattah Amin

    Fattah Amin’s charisma is evident in his career works and it is apparent that he has the range to play pretend as all kinds of characters, which is also the value that VNG Games would like to associate with– the range to play different characters, tactics, and create differently amazing battles.

    New Hero ‘Mat Kilau’ Now Available In King Of Nations

    King Of Nations has made a surprising new addition to its existing gameplay characters with a local figure that has never been adapted in any games before. King Of Nations makes history as the first game in the world ever to include Mat Kilau in its gameplay! Malaysians will surely love this new feature as the addition also marks the first appearance of a Malay warrior in any mobile game. The game will be accessible to players on the 22nd of August 2022!

    Merdeka: Malay Warrior As A Gameplay Character

    The creation of Mat Kilau is inspired by real-life historical Malay warriors – Mat Kilau who recently made local and international headlines with the big success of cinema box office collection. The character is often looked up to because of his determination to maintain the peace in his nation. His courage, perseverance, and silat skills become an inspiration to many, especially the youth. In the spirit of Hari Kemerdekaan a.k.a Independence Day this August, Mat Kilau is added to the game as a playable character to encourage local pride and patriotism among Malaysian players!

    Pahlawan Melayu’s Unique Features!

    The new hero’s art style involves the use of a detailed crafted Baju Silat – a traditional Malay martial cultural outfit– as his battle outfit in order to stay true to his Malay warrior spirit. As an attempt to instil the value of national pride in cultural customs, King of Nation’s Mat Kilau also wears a traditional headgear called ‘tengkolok’ and conventional weapons such as Malay keris to convey him as the epitome of bravery and patriotism as a Malay hero in the war century.

    The Malay Hero’s Impact In The Virtual World.

    With the new addition of Mat Kilau in King Of Nations, gamers are now able to play with a local character they can potentially connect with, essentially elevating the in-game battles experience for them and their opponents! Players can venture into the world of King Of Nations and battle against other heroes of civilization, let it be from the East or the West, rewrite the world’s greatest war history and leave their mark.

    Low Specs, More Space, Free Offers!

    King of Nations is a free download game that requires only 480MB of their player’s space on their smartphones. What sets King of Nations apart from other mobile games is its appealing mode of Multi-civilization Hero Battle Game. Plus, the game is also offering various promotional offerings as a token of appreciation to their players. The promotion offers include free 300 recruitment of all Legendary Heroes in 7 days, a free 5-star Demonic Hero Athena in 7-day login and challenge trial tower for more free recruit tickets.

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