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    Marvel’s Avengers brings in new overview gameplay trailer

    A new trailer for Marvel’s Avengers gameplay has been revealed by Square Enix. Check out the awesome trailer below:


    Reveal the enemy and gameplay comes in two mission modes

    While the robots of AIM or Advanced Idea Mechanics is rising to replace heroes in their duties, bound by logic and rationals defining mankind’s future. The trailer shows our heroes facing off against the AIM robots with a newfound sense of purpose.

    Having 80 years of history to draw from, we’ve recreated classic AIM characters from the comic books through the Crystal Dynamics lens, such as the Keeper (our version of the iconic AIM Beekeeper), our version of the Synthoid, or the all new Monotronic Exo; this is how AIM stands toe-to-toe as humans versus Super Heroes. And this is just the start. However… AIM’s pursuit of a technocratic utopia, if left unchecked, could unleash an even greater threat to the world that only the Avengers could stop. It’s up to players to unravel the AIM conspiracy, reassemble the Avengers, and save the Earth.
    Crystal Dynamics’ Creative Director, Noah Hughes

    The game will be having both Hero Missions and Warzone Missions whereby Hero Missions main focus on single-player while Warzone Missions can be played either solo or in a group of four, choosing any hero of your liking. Furthermore, players get to choose the loadouts and personalize their heroes based on their gear, abilities, outfits which may even differ both of the same characters but with different move sets.

    Key game features:
    • Head into co-op battle missions outside your current campaign, bear in mind that there will be spoilers ahead if you haven’t reached that part of the story in the campaign just yet.
    • Your character personalized progression will be brought forward across different game modes such as campaign and co-op missions. Note that teaming up with friends may scale the difficulty higher.
    • As mentioned above, you are able to personalize your abilities via skill trees that will alter different build types.
    • New suits and outfits will be unlocked later as you play. With no loot boxes, no pay-to-win transactions as well.
    • In-depth playstyle for each hero.
    • Each gear comes with a set of rarity, stats, and Perks to unlock.
    • Perks are unique modifiers tied to a specific gear that will enhance or change the way the hero plays.
    • Post-launch characters will come with no added costs
    When we say ‘play your way,’ we mean it. Players can dive deep into min-maxing their hero build through Skills and Gear. Players can switch out Gear and choose which pieces suit individual playstyles as new, better Gear is discovered or earned, allowing them to further tune their playstyle
    Crystal Dynamics’ Creative Director, Noah Hughes

    Regroup the team for the incoming threat on May 15, 2020, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia.

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