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    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order – 7 minutes of Assembled Gameplay

    A seven-minute gameplay video courtesy from Game Informer has come out of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order which is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch. Reassemble your team from various cast to prevent galactic devastation by finding the Infinity Stones before it falls into the hands of Thanos and The Black Order, announced by developer Koei Tecmo together with Team Ninja studio.



    Unite under the Joy Con

    Other than over the shoulder “Heroic Camera” perspective, the video showcased Rocket riding Groot over his shoulder literally and fighting as one unit with Rocket shooting and Groot spamming his root lashes on their foes. Yes, you can play this game solo (online or offline as well) or multiplayer with friends with up to 4 players, making it feel like the Ultimate Alliance.

    Create your own fun with these features:

    • Create your own dream team from Marvel Universe
    • Minor puzzle elements in the game
    • Infinity Trials are available as side missions for exp and items
    • New heroes such as Falcon, Hawkeye, Ms Marvel (also known as Kamala Khan) and Scarlet Witch to join the alliance
    • Handle your foes offline or online
    • Use Nintendo’s Joy-Con or Pro Controllers to engage the way you play


    Assemble your Dream Team soon on July 19, 2019.

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