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    Marble It Up! Ultra Rolls To PC & Consoles On August 17th

    The Marble Collective is excited to reveal Marble It Up! Ultra, launching Aug. 17th, 2023, on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck, and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store. Marble It Up! Ultra is the pinnacle of marble platforming from the minds behind Marble It Up! and Marble Blast.

    Marble It Up! Ultra takes marble platforming to new heights with over 100 beautifully intricate levels, buttery-smooth controls, dazzling visuals, a full single-player campaign, and exhilarating multiplayer mayhem. Whether you’re a seasoned marble pro or a first-time player, Marble It Up! Ultra is the perfect way to bounce into the roll-playing game of the millennium.

    We built Marble It Up! Ultra to bring precise multiplayer action gaming to players in a beautiful, family-friendly, and nonviolent form – The team has taken the genre to a whole new level, applying decades of experience to fine-tune every aspect of both single-player and multiplayer gameplay.

    Alex Swanson – Lead Designer of the Marble It Up! franchise

    Key Features

    • An Energetic Marble Campaign: Take on an extensive single-player campaign of more than 100 levels spanning six primary and four bonus chapters. Roll your way through levels filled with dangerous obstacles, mind-bending paths, shifting gravity, bouncy floors, and potent power-ups.
    • Exciting Marble Multiplayer: Blast your way to glory with five uniquely competitive and chaotic cross-platform multiplayer modes. Team up to hunt gems, score goals, escape zombies, and prove your marble mettle online!
    • Magnificent Marbles: Unlock a collection of marbles, trails, and hats as you find hidden trophies, earn medals, and play online.
    • Marble Mastery: Unleash your skills by hunting achievements and climbing the Global Leaderboards! Weekly Challenges add new modifiers to levels for a fresh new way to compete each week.

    Marble It Up! Ultra will be available to demo as part of the ID@Xbox Demo Fest starting July 11th. For more information, please visit website.

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