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    Makers Of Dead Cells Unveil Their Next Project – Windblown, A Lighting-Pace Combat Roguelite

    At The Game Awards 2023, Motion Twin, the indie developer celebrated for their hit game Dead Cells, unveiled their latest project, “Windblown.”

    Scheduled for an Early Access release on Steam in 2024, “Windblown” promises a new adventure in a unique setting, featuring solo and cooperative gameplay.

    “Windblown” invites players into a world of sky islands, where they take on the role of Leapers, warriors dedicated to defending their home, The Ark, from the formidable Vortex and its minions, the Sentinels. The game is characterized by its fast-paced action and ever-evolving challenges, set in expansive, dynamically changing aerial landscapes.

    Key features of “Windblown” include:

    1. Dynamic Gameplay: Players can expect a thrilling experience with every run, discovering hidden secrets and facing intense battles against the Sentinels.
    2. Character Progression: As Leapers, players absorb memories from fallen warriors, learning and mastering various fighting styles. This system allows for the customization of combat tactics and the use of multiple weapons.
    3. Varied Environments: The game’s stages are visually striking, offering a vibrant and layered exploration experience.

    1. Cooperative Play: “Windblown” supports up to three-player online co-op, allowing players to either venture alone or team up with others.
    2. Challenging Combat: The game is designed to be tough yet fair, with each run serving as a learning experience. Players are encouraged to adapt and grow stronger with each attempt.

    Motion Twin, based in France, expressed their enthusiasm for creating a “lightning-fast combat roguelite” that they felt was missing from the gaming landscape. “Windblown” is their answer to this craving, offering both solo and multiplayer experiences.

    Fans interested in “Windblown” can add it to their Wishlist on Steam and follow its development through the community page.

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