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    Major free update for Cloudpunk, the Cockpit Update puts players behind a neon set of wheels!

    Berlin-based game developer ION LANDS has released a major free update to the PC version of their stylish story-driven cyberpunk game Cloudpunk, the Cockpit Update. As celebration of the update, the game is also currently 33% off on Steam. Check out the update trailer:

    The update brings new features and improvements including a first-person view when driving vehicles with 180-degree freelook, allowing players to experience the city of Nivalis from a totally new perspective. In recent months Cloudpunk saw several key updates that expanded the game with free-roaming on-foot third-person and first-person cameras, surround sound, a new vehicle camera, dozens of improvements and more.

    This update features are as below:

    • Cockpit View with 180° freelook
    • Interactable apartment upgrades
    • Camera & Performance Improvement
    “We were so pleased that the world we created resonated with so many people.This update will allow them to really immerse themselves in the game’s environments in a way we hope they enjoy just as much as seeing it for the first time.”

    Marko Dieckmann – Head of ION LANDS Studios

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