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    Luigi’s Mansion 3 releases a 12 minute gameplay video called ScreamPark

    Join in the party as Nintendo releases a new 12-minute gameplay video called “ScreamPark” for the multiplayer mode of Luigi’s Mansion 3. Featuring 3 game modes called Ghost Hunt, Cannon Barrage and Coin Floating.


    Are you team Luigi or Gooigi?

    Join up with a team of your choosing with 3 game modes available:

    • Ghost Hunt – Takedown ghosts to earn more points! Find the coloured ghost as different colour nets you more point.
    • Cannon Barrage – Earn points by using your cannon to break targets. Work together with your teammates to collect cannonballs, load the cannon, and fire! And not to mention steal other player’s cannonball via Suction Shot!
    • Coin Floating – Collect the most coins to win. Don’t pop your floaty on the mines that fall from above or you’ll drop all of your coins!.

    Catch ghost with Luigi for Switch on October 31, 2019.

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