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    Lone Rider and Merchant Arrive to 100% Orange Juice!

    A much-anticipated pair of characters has just joined the cast of the Fruitbat Factory published popular anime-style party game 100% Orange Juice! The Lone Rider and Merchant are the two unique stage 3 bosses that have joined the roster as playable characters! take a look at their trailers below:

    Lone Rider, the charismatic man from ‘Flying Red Barrel’ on an endless journey is voiced by Terashima Junta, whose major roles include Fujimura Mamoru in “Tsukipro the Animation” and Ichijou Shin in “King of Prism”!

    Merchant, the cunning salesman from ‘Flying Red Barrel’ who delivers what he wants, where he wants, is voiced by Yamanaka Masahiro (Kubota Haruhiko in “Giant Killing” and Wales Tudor in “Zero no Tsukaima”), who delivers a voice you won’t soon forget!

    The new characters are designed by Orange_Juice‘s original staff for the game’s English Steam release, with character art by Hono and hyper card art by Junpyon.

    The DLC pack is now available on Steam for purchase at a 10% discount.


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