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    Let’s Play : Gravity Rush 2 , Final Chapter Eto !

    Gravity Rush 2 Final Chapter, Eto ! (By Nkydoomer)

    It’s time for the final chapter. What will Kat faces, this time?

    So to those who want to know how to unlock the final main mission story, you must open the world map, find the icon which have dots and title named Shining Girl. Find this shining girl around Hekseville, and you just need to talk to her 4 times and it will unlock the final mission.

    Content List:
    1. Shining Girl Hunting Location – 3:46
    2. Episode 21. The end of the World – 15:01
    3. Episode 22. Castle of Sand – 48:11
    4. Episode 23. Lamentations – 1:28:32
    5. Episode 24. All Fires Burn to Ash – 1:57:00
    6. Episode 25. Silence – 2:18:25
    7. Episode 26. A Song Without Voice – 2:28:01
    8. End Game Credit

    Edited: Game crashed at the end wtf?!!!! Anyway I will post the ending credits in the next video.

    Game Walkthrough start at: 3:46



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