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    Larian Studios Opens First Asian Office in Malaysia, Now Hiring.

    LEVEL UP KL BIZ 2019, Malaysia – While delivering his keynote at the Southeast Asia premier regional games development conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Swen Vincke, the Founder and CEO of Larian Studios announced that the studio has opened up a new office in Malaysia.

    Swen explained the decision was made due to two important factors he observed during his travel to the country earlier in January;

    “Malaysians are fluent in English, and the country’s timezone is 7 hours ahead of Gent, Belgium,” Swen explained.


    “The timezone difference would mean we can further lower the crunch time because the Belgian office would have started working when the Malaysian office goes home for the day, there’s a continuation of work” he further added.

    The charismatic CEO also said that the location of the studio’s other offices around the world is not a coincidence. They were strategically picked to ensure the work from one studio can be passed on to another after the day’s work is complete.

    Larian Studios’ Malaysian office would mark its fifth global office across the planet. At present, the studio has offices in;

    • Quebec, Canada
    • Dublin, Ireland
    • Gent, Belgium
    • St Petersburg, Russia
    • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Latest)

    Larian Studios, the maker of the highly-acclaimed Divinity franchise and the upcoming Baldur’s Gate 3 is now hiring for its Malaysian Office.

    Job openings at Larian Studios Malaysia office as of press time.

    Interested applicants can find more information here.

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