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    LANGRISSER, The Legendary JRPG Returns and is Coming to Your Android and iOS Device – Pre-Registration Open Now

    Zlongame has announced that their upcoming JRPG Langirsser Mobile will be coming to iOS and Google Play on January 22, 2019. Pre-registration is open now and players can pre-order at the App Store and via Google Play editor’s choice, or by searching “Langrisser” in the store. Players may also pre-register on the official Langrisser website at

    App Store: Langrisser iOS
    Google Play Store: Langrisser Android



    A Legendary JRPG Comes to Mobile
    As one of the iconic JRPGs, the Langrisser series is known for its tactical gameplay. Langrisser Mobile stays faithful to the essence of the original gameplay with class suppression, terrain effects, and unique class trees for a customizable battle experience.

    Meanwhile, the mobile version elevates the appearance of the game with an exquisite Japanese art style, top voice casting, and an unforgettable score by original series composer Noriyuki Iwadare all combining to create an epic fantasy world. Get ready for the call of Sword to save the lives on El Sallia!


    Game Features

    • Unit types against theory, terrain elements, and strategic planning are critical to success
    • Perfectly re-experience over 300 classic levels
    • Original Langrisser class transfer system with over 80 heroes for an almost infinite number of battle combinations.
    • Popular characters of the original series return
    • Original PVP battle system
    • Original score by composer Noriyuki Iwadare
    • Classic background music of past series

    Langrisser Series: legendary tactical turn-based combat games
    Developed by Japan’s Masaya Games, the Langrisser series debuted in 1991 and has long been regarded as a titan of tactical turn-based combat. With a story spanning five generations of games, Langrisser introduced the soldier system and class transfer to the genre, as well as wowing players with stunning battle effects that were very much ahead of their time.

    An Instant Classic
    Langrisser Mobile launched in Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong in Q3 2018 to much praise from players; the game has occupied the AppStore top 5 and has been featured many times. Langrisser will launch in Japan later this year, and Famitsu already previewed the game, saying

    “Langrisser’s revised game play lets players experience the excitement of combat while getting immersed in the storylines of the interesting characters they will interact with.”


    Langrisser Mobile will be released on January 22nd 2019, and players can visit the website and Facebook pages to find special countdown events.

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