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    Kosmokrats featured during Steam’s Autumn Game Festival!

    Modern Wolf and Pixel Delusion is bringing Kosmokrats to Steam very soon, and is organizing a special open days for all players that interested in joining the ranks of SPACE FORCE – the elite cosmic fleet serving the socialist nation. But first, check out the games trailer below if you haven’t yet:

    You have grown bored of Earth, and rightly so. Take your life into your own hands by joining the SPACE FORCE. As an elite drone pilot in the SPACE FORCE, you will learn to use your drone to assemble spaceships in orbit, meet interesting people, see the wonders of the solar system, and possibly even survive!

    Game features include:

    • Build a mighty fleet: Use the most cutting edge drone technology of the 1960s to master the puzzle-like process of assembling spaceships in orbit.
    • Live a heroic narrative: The story of the people’s colonization of the solar system and beyond is full of interesting characters and even more interesting decisions!
    • Become a citizen of the stars: In Kosmokrats you will earn medals to display in your awards cabinet, read the very accurate Official Party newspaper, and entertain yourself between missions.

    All Comrades will be able to keep up with the latest news on Kosmokrats on via the Steam page.

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