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    KOEI TECMO America Announces The Launch Of SAMURAI WARRIORS 4 DX On Steam

    KOEI TECMO America and developer Omega Force announced that SAMURAI WARRIORS 4 DX is now available in North America digitally on Windows PC via Steam. The complete edition of SAMURAI WARRIORS 4 includes over 150 pieces of downloadable content such as costumes, weapons, editable parts, scenarios, background music, and more.

    SAMURAI WARRIORS 4 DX includes everything fans have been craving to play in one complete edition. In addition to the main “Story Mode” featuring “regional stories” and the “story of unification”, the DX version allows players to choose from a variety of different modes, including “Chronicle Mode”, a mode that enables players to travel around the SAMURAI WARRIORS world, accomplishing quests in various regions while meeting officers and collecting items.

    In addition, players can now discover over 50 playable officers in SAMURAI WARRIORS 4 DX along with exhilarating action systems such as “Hyper Attack” and “Rage” as they journey to the heart of Japan’s Sengoku period.

    SAMURAI WARRIORS 4 DX features:

    • Over 150 downloadable pieces of content – Downloadable content initially available on other platforms at the original release of SAMURAI WARRIORS 4 has been integrated, including scenarios, costumes and weapons.
    • Optimized for PC – The graphics settings can be adjusted to match the PC specifications of each player. Mouse and keyboard controls are supported and key assignments can be changed. Most controllers are supported.
    • SAMURAI WARRIORS 4 DX is now available in English in addition to Japanese. The language can be changed in the settings.
    SAMURAI WARRIORS 4 DX is now available to purchase digitally on Windows PC via Steam.
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