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    Citybuilder RPG ‘Kingdom Builders’ to Enter Rapid Early Access by End of June

    With a particularly short lead time of only 9 months, the Berlin-based developer studio ebb & flow games will launch its first title Kingdom Builders into Early Access on Steam on June 30th, 2021. Kingdom Builders is an unusual and innovative mix of a city builder and a classic RPG: Players can experience lots of adventures with their characters in a kingdom they have built themselves. But they’re not alone. Smart AI-controlled villager companions follow the players and take actions like they do.

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    The most special thing about Kingdom Builders is the Rapid Early Access approach. This is what ebb & flow games call the accelerated Early Access release process which has players participate in the development of the game in an exceptionally intensive way. Since Kingdom Builders will be brought to Early Access in a very early version, the players will have a significant influence on the gameplay and features to be developed.

    “It’s all about the journey to make Kingdom Builders a really great game – we want the players to join us from the very beginning” says ebb & flow games founder Tim Reiter, who has already gained experience with explicitly player-focused development as co-founder of Kolibri Games. “We believe that intensive collaboration with players should be an industry standard. That’s why we gave our approach, the ‘Rapid Early Access’, its own name. We want all players to share their vision with us so together we’ll create step by step a unique building strategy RPG that has the best from both genres.”

    An early alpha version of Kingdom Builders has already been available for free on since March 2021. By launching into Early Access, ebb & flow games are now taking the next step. The scope of the game will grow radically throughout Early Access and will be expanded with a lot of new content. In order to offer the fans the best possible insight, ebb & flow games maintain a detailed roadmap to give an overview to all planned steps in detail.

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    • Build the kingdom of your dreams with farms, forges and many more buildings
    • Loyal helpers: smart companions follow you and support you in all your actions
    • Crafting: create weapons and gear in the forges of your kingdom
    • Explore your realm and fight against various enemies and threats
    • Planned updates in Early Access: Offline & Online coop multiplayer, new buildings, weapons, enemies, biomes and resources, new production chains, procedural world generation and much more.

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