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    Story-Driven RPG Brawler Kung Fu Jesus Out Now on Steam

    Celestial Gold Studios brawler Kung Fu Jesus has now launched on Steam. Featuring trippy visuals, 2.5D beat ‘em up gameplay with combos and grappling moves – and a total of three story arcs! – Kung Fu Jesus will leave a lasting impression on gamers looking for original, unconventional gameplay.

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    At its heart, Kung Fu Jesus is a story-driven RPG beat ‘em up with unlockable combos and special abilities. Players enter the world of Kung Fu Jesus, where they quickly start to see things from the point of view of a schizophrenic facing his own mental illness … with his fists. Going deeper and deeper into an alternate reality, Kung Fu Jesus soon finds out that everything he’s read and seen (from the Bible and David Icke to Carlos Castaneda and John Carpenter’s They Live) turns out to be true …

    “We’ve created a whole universe for Kung Fu Jesus. I mean, it’s a massive game for indie standards – and something I’ve poured my heart and soul into for more than 4 years at this point. There are so many interesting characters and locations in the game – all fully realized with psychedelic visuals, music, and sound effects unlike anything else out there. I can’t wait to see Steam users get some time with Kung Fu Jesus and the wonderful world we created for it.”

    Craig Snape – lead developer and founder of Celestial Gold Studios

    Key Features:

    • Fight your way to the truth – beat ’em up style.
    • Pick up and use various weapons throughout the game.
    • Experience reality from Kung Fu Jesus’ point-of-view through a story-driven campaign.
    • Try your hand at several mini-games.
    • Unlock powerful combos and special attacks.
    • Level up your character.
    • Uncover 3 different endings!

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