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    Jim is Moving Out! is out now on Nintendo Switch and Steam

    The newest release from publisher Cinemax, Jim is Moving Out! is a physics-based puzzle game which coming to the Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam where players have to solve puzzles and collect the vinyl to unlock new game levels with twisted rules. One thing is for sure, players will have a lot of fun playing in solo or co-op.


    Players will be controlling Jim navigating around the various environments while trying to reach the end of the level without breaking anything in between. Jim can either push, pull lift up or drop down to safely cross the obstacles.

    Players will start from an ordinary city, move towards the jungle, deserts and end up in a futuristic city to show the diverse puzzle environments. Each of the environments brings a different and fresh set of puzzles and obstacles to solve and overcome. Players must use enough caution, speed and accuracy as one wrong move will ruin the whole journey.

    Jim is Moving Out! supports both the single player and multiplayer experience up to two players in various modes including the campaign and experimental laboratory mode.

    • Several different worlds to explore including city, jungle, desert and boat.
    • Solve environmental puzzles while listening to classical music.
    • Play in single-player or in co-op. Moving is fun when you are not alone.
    • Every level brings new challenges.
    • Collect Vinyl and unlock addition game modes including Deathmatch and Laboratory.
    • Playable with a gamepad and/or keyboard

    Jim is Moving Out! is now available on Nintendo eShop for USD 14.99 (approx MYR 62) and Steam MYR 29.

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