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    Introducing Rogue Spirit, an anime inspired action adventure roguelite published by 505 games

    Rogue Spirit developed by Wrocław, Poland-based studio Kids With Sticks, will be published worldwide by 505 Games and is now available to Wishlist on Steam. Players who Wishlist Rogue Spirit will be the first to receive information on the forthcoming playable PC demo debuting on June 9, along with the Early Access release of the game in August.

    About the Game

    Rogue Spirit is a colorful 3D rogue-lite action game with light stealth elements. This single-player action-adventure game places players into the role of the ghost of the former Prince of Midra. Players must possess enemy characters and absorb their skills in order to free their land from a looming and ever-present evil. Inspired by Japanese and Southeast Asian cultures as well as popular anime tropes, Rogue Spirit looks to bring modern gameplay and fictional feudal Japan together in one visually compelling game.

    We are excited to work with such an experienced publisher. Thanks to 505 Games we were able to establish the Kids With Sticks initiative and focus all of our powers on developing Rogue Spirit. We hope to bring freshness to the rogue-like genre with an interesting core mechanic of possessing enemies and being able to absorb their skills.”

    Andrzej Koloska – Co-Owner at Kids With Sticks

    Rogue Spirit will first launch in Early Access this August where the game can grow alongside community feedback and will scale to feature 20 playable characters with different abilities, weapons, and their own playstyles, as well as 10 procedurally-generated levels set within 5 different biomes. Our vision is for each run with Rogue Spirit to always feel exciting and highly engaging. As players progress, they will discover a number of different enemies and bosses, all of which require them to make the most of skills and upgrades.

    Game details as shared on Steam:

    • Action game with stealth elements in a rogue-lite game loop
    • Play as the steadfast Ghost of the Prince of Midra
    • Possess the enemies you fight with and absorb their combat features to go on in the battle at your best
    • Master different characters’ playstyles, improve your skills, and adapt to an ever-changing world
    • Explore the wonderful Kingdom of Midra and learn its legends and lore
    • 20 characters with different abilities, weapons and playstyles
    • 10 procedurally-generated levels set in 5 different biomes
    • Dozens of essences and skills to make each run different
    • Unlock permanent upgrades between runs
    • Secrets and bosses are waiting for you
    • 3D graphics inspired by traditional Asian designs

    Play as the Ghost of the Prince of the Kingdom of Midra and explore your land.

    Possess enemy characters to absorb their unique skills and adapt your combat style to different circumstances.

    Free your Kingdom by fighting the evil presence that has corrupted your home.

    Introduction to the Rogue Spirit world:

    For thousands of years, the people of the Kingdom of Midra lived in relative harmony and peace. From generation to generation, the oldest of tales were told over and over again. The stories told of the great Chaos: A Demon King who was sealed away by a hero of long-forgotten ages. Over time, the residents of the land turned the tale into a legend, then a myth, until it was all but forgotten.

    Days passed by in this peaceful slumber. The denizens’ obliviousness to their own terrifying past weakened the chains of the prison containing the Demon King, until one day they finally broke. The Chaos awakened and the horrifying nightmares of the forgotten past came back to life. He was once more known to every inhabitant of the land – child, adult and elderly alike. He sowed fear in the hearts of the brave, as an inevitable war came along with him. Those who could fight did and fell. Those who were not strong enough to fight were possessed by demonic energy. The Chaos left no warrior’s body alone and absorbed it into his army. Leaving no hostages behind, he incorporated inhabitants across all social classes and sorts, from lowly beggars to the noblest lords. His power grew to be so unimaginable that no mortal could stand against it.

    As a final resort, the Last Ones, monks of the Forgotten Monastery who still have a memory of what once happened, performed the ritual of summoning to bring back from the spirit world our Hero who sealed away the Chaos in the distant past.

    You play as the Ghost, the summoned Spirit of the Prince of the Kingdom of Midra, wandering your land. Passing through your kingdom’s villages, forests and marshes, you’ll have to defeat and possess your foes to acquire their skills and adapt your combat style to different circumstances. Each defeated enemy is an opportunity for a body with a better chance of survival.

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