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    Introducing A Charming Take Of Futuristic Roguelike Shooter Bibots, Coming To PC

    Ready your controllers as Bibots will be making its way with a demo version available now, coming soon to PC Steam release this Fall 2022 as announced by PID Games and developer Square Squid. Play as Tayar, an explorer in control of a nervy robot, clearing rooms swarming with monsters with the main emphasis on bullet hell action. Power Up or die trying as you rinse and repeat with switchable characters – explore, customize and unlock new abilities as you retry to save the world

    Source: PID Games

    Game details as shared on Steam

    Tayar is not alone to accomplish this feat, chosen by a Bibot (actually luckily stumbled upon one) he gains the ability to transform into one of those ancient mechanical creatures. Each Bibot has his own strengths, try them all and pick your favorite according to your own playstyle.

    Key Features
    • Discover a colourful world – Venture through mysterious temples in a colorful world full of characters to discover but also inhabited by dangerous monsters. The world is divided into regions, each with its own atmosphere to discover. The regions are procedurally generated and contain hand-crafted battle rooms, treasures, merchants, and secrets changing each time you play. Protect your home from vile enemies corrupting the fauna and threatening Takaful.
    • The Bibots – Choose the Bibot that will join Tayar in his epic journey, accumulate energy during your fights, and use it to summon the devastating power of these mechanical beings. Each Bibot has its own playstyle and abilities, use them to fight your toughest enemies or save yourself from impossible situations. Learn to master them! The more you fight with the same Bibot, the more its synergy with Tayar will increase, unlocking new variants of its attacks to customize them before going into battle.
    • Customize your guns – Equip Tayar with a variety of weapons that you can customize with chips that you will find while exploring or encountering merchants. Experiment and combine their effects to customize your playstyle and create the weapons of your dream with countless possibilities and powerful synergies.
    • Level up – Accumulate experience during your fights to improve Tayar’s skills. Make it a survivalist, a soldier, a scientist, or mix it all up. Each branch grants you access to permanent passives upgrading a wide range of skills and offering you new possibilities to enhance the synergy between Tayar and his Bibot.
    • Made for speedrunners – Bibots is made for all types of players, therefore we created features and game mechanics thought for speedrunners. The game keeps track of your current run time and you can see it any time while you play. The faster you clean the levels, the more you will be rewarded with bonuses corresponding to your fast playstyle. Influence your timer by summoning your Bibot and stopping the flow of time, switch your characters intelligently to prevent time from running out, and unlock a maximum number of rewards.Die, try and repeat to break your records… Or well, to save the world!
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