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    Into the Starfield – Ep 3: The Sound of Adventure

    Today Bethesda Game Studios are pleased to present the next episode in the ongoing Into the Starfield video series. In this episode, Bethesda Game Studios Audio Director Mark Lampert and Starfield Composer Inon Zur sit down to talk about the music and sound design of Starfield. Listen as they discuss Lampert and Zur’s artistic process, how the score affects a player’s experience and the search for answers that is at the heart of Starfield‘s music.

    “Starfield is the most ambitious project I’ve ever worked on,”
    “It’s a vast game about a vast place, but more than anything else it’s bravely asking big questions—philosophical questions and important questions—that usually people don’t bother or dare to ask.”

    Inon Zur – Starfield Composer

    Starfield arrives exclusively on Xbox Series X|S and PC on 11.11.22. Play it on day one with Xbox Game Pass.

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