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    Interesting Indie Picks: BrightSeeker, Interlayer, Songs Of Glimmerwick And Sniperpunk

    I dove back into the world of google searching, and nothing beats finding a few Indie games that pique my interest. Here are some interesting-looking lineups such as shoot ’em up duel titled Sniperpunk by developer Ramen VR. If that’s not your thing – there’s an option of a base-building exploration game titled Interlayer by developers Nightless Games, immersed in a musical woodland fantasy world with Songs of Glimmerwick by Eastshade Studios, and last but not least an action RPG set in a futuristic neon fantasy world BrightSeeker by Miroslav Prokop.

    Songs of Glimmerwick

    In this story-driven witch academy RPG, you can attend classes, tend to the university garden, make friends with classmates and locals, and discover the island’s many oddities and mysteries. Songs of Glimmerwick is coming to PC in 3rd Quarter 2022.

    Source: Eastshade Studios

    Features as shared on Steam:

    RPG Style Quests
    Unfolding narrative quests with a focus on unique characters and stories.
    Tend the University Garden
    Plant the mundane! Grow the arcane! Summon up clouds to bring forth the rain!
    Every Song a Spell
    Use the power of music to speak with the trees, enchant tools to work all by themselves, raise the earth to surmount natural impasses, and more!
    A Lively World
    Classes to attend, mysterious rumors, local drama, and bustling festivals — The students, staff, townsfolk, and spritely creatures of Glimmerwick have rich stories and lives.
    Fully Voiced
    Dialogue is brought to life with fantastic performances for every character major and minor.
    Character Progression
    As you gain experience in your adventures, choose from skills that will help your garden, trade, or acquire special abilities, like speaking to frogs!
    Customizable Appearance
    Choose how you look.
    Extra-Curricular Activities
    There are lots to do in Glimmerwick outside of classes – explore the island, try out for the mothracing team, dive for seashells, or join the Green Sprites on forest expeditions.


    Source: Enter CTRL

    Join up in an epic arena shooter where every bullet ricochets. Duel players online or locally in high-octane casual or ranked 1v1 matches. Arm yourself with multiple arrays of unique weapons and abilities. And it’s free! Bring your friends and ricochet your way to victory!. Sniperpunk is slated for PC release in 2022.

    Features as shared on Steam:


    • Game Modes: Ranked, Casual, and Arcade
    • Battle in 1v1 or 2v2 Best of 5 Matches
    • Play in Private Lobbies
    • Create Custom Matches

    In this action-packed bullet hell, your goal is to create combinations that pressure your opponent and prevent them from evading damage. After each ricochet, a bullet gains 1 damage, so aim with intent to cause the most harm to your opponent. Each punk has a unique weapon, two abilities, and a special dodge to help them achieve that goal. Stay cautious because it’s easy to damage yourself in the crossfire.

    On top of the basic map theme, each punk character comes with a unique theme and arena mechanic. You can choose from 9 different arena layouts for each theme, creating 45 map combinations and limitless replayability. All themes and layouts are available from the start so explore to your heart’s content!

    SNIPERPUNK is 100% free to play with no pay-to-win aspects. Everything you can purchase in our game with real money will be strictly cosmetic: (Character Skins, Entrance Animations, Death Effects, Emotes, etc) and won’t have any effect on the actual gameplay.


    Find out what lies in the realm between two opposing universes with up to 4 players in co-op! Develop your cybernetic suit and weapon, construct outposts, automate resource gathering, and discover what secrets the Wardens are hiding in this place. But most importantly, survive. Interlayer is set for PC release with no announcement of release date yet.

    Source: DT Gaming

    Game details as shared on Steam:

    The Interlayer is a massive, procedurally generated realm that lies between two opposing universes. All the planets in the Interlayer are connected by a portal network of unknown origin, which you are able to use. Every planet has its own biomes, fauna, resources, creatures, and more.
    Fortunately, you possess advanced knowledge of human civilization. Gather resources of a different kind that are known to you and research the ones humans have never encountered before. Construct outposts and power them with electricity. Automate your resource gathering and protect it by building up your defenses.

    You were fortunate enough to gain access to state-of-the-art technology and transport your mind into the cybernetic suit, called the CyberShell. The suit gives you strength and abilities to do things a human would never be able to do, but most of all – it lets you switch between CyberShells at will. Learn new abilities by using your suit, weapons, and tools that you prefer.

    In this dangerous world, you’re not the only survivor; there are others who came to the Interlayer on their own accord or by force, and teaming up with them might sound like a good idea. Divide the responsibilities for building the biggest bases. Play as a team by choosing different roles during the fights with the CyberShells you were able to create.

    Here, they are the hosts, and you are the guests. You step onto their territory and expect that they will be kind to you. They will be. Up until the moment when you begin getting their resources, killing the creatures that serve them, and affecting the world they have lived in for thousands of years before you arrived. At that point, their welcome ends. They are smart and they will hunt you.

    One of the most important things for us is to make Interlayer a long-living game with as many interesting possibilities as possible. In order to achieve this, we made Interlayer extendable and modifiable from the beginning. As we make the whole game moddable, we will try to ensure there are no features you won’t be able to implement on your own.


    Shoot, Slash, Block, and Dash! Defeat dangerous war-mechs in bright neon glory as upgrade your abilities and vanquish mystical and mechanical bosses on your journey through a world where magic and technology are at war. Brightseeker will be coming to PC in 2022.

    Source: ZAKROUTIL

    Features as shared on Steam:

    Shoot, slash and dash to defeat numerous enemies.

    Block projectiles with your shield. Time your blocks well and deflect the projectiles back at your enemies.

    Acquire ancient artefacts and weapons to unlock new powerful abilities that will help you destroy your enemies more efficiently.

    Journey through the futuristic neon-drenched world, explore different locations, meet new characters and uncover hidden secrets.

    • Shoot, slash and dash to defeat deadly enemies.
    • Block and deflect projectiles with a shield.
    • Unlock different weapons and powerful abilities.
    • Explore the futuristic world.
    • Vanquish challenging bosses.
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