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    Indie crossover Brawler – Indie Pogo unveils Meat Boy and Nintendo Switch versions for Early 2020

    Meat Boy, the classic indie icon from the SUPER MEAT BOY franchise, is punching his way through the competition to join the Indie Pogo game as its newest DLC fighter as announced by Lowe Bros. Studios LLC. This content pack will launch in January 2021 as a free DLC fighter for any player who has purchased Indie Pogo. This DLC also contains a new stage based on the Abandoned Hospital setting, where an iconic boss makes a reappearance: C.H.A.D. Alongside this update, players can expect a single-player Arcade run added to the game, new unlockable trophies, as well as a host of quality-of-life improvements.

    Meat Boy’s inclusion is coupled with the announcement that Indie Pogo will also be made available on the Nintendo Switch eShop in 2021. It will contain all previously released content, including all DLC, built into the base package. The Nintendo Switch version will also receive all upcoming DLC packs, among which include fighters such as Octodad from OCTODAD: DADLIEST CATCH, Gunvolt from the AZURE STRIKER: GUNVOLT franchise, Dust from DUST: AN ELYSIAN TAIL and a fighter from AWESOMENAUTS.

    The inclusion of Meat Boy in Indie Pogo is paired with the release of SUPER MEAT BOY FOREVER, the highly anticipated sequel to the cult classic. SUPER MEAT BOY FOREVER is now available on Nintendo Switch and Epic Games Store.

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