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    Illusion Lands Comes Forth With A Gripping Storyline And Colorful Combat

    Indie developer ManyDev Studio introduces Illusion Lands, an immersive RPG set in a highly detailed world that combines the genres of dark fantasy and science fiction. Players will embark as a hunter named Erwin who is on a hunt of giant creatures whose nature remains to be discovered. Further details of the release date and demo will be updated at a later date.

    Source: ManyDev Studio Games

    Erwin, a hunter for the Devourers, who were created by powerful deities. His mission is to follow the will of the deities, awaken and destroy the Devourers in order to rid humanity of their oppression. However, Erwin turns against his creators as soon as he learns of their true goals.

    Game Details and Features as shared on Steam:

    Go hunting against Devourers in large and colourful locations. The player’s goal is to solve riddles on his way, find and destroy the Devourers. As a result of the victory, your character becomes stronger, receiving experience and various loot for killing the Devourer: resources, equipment.


    – Brutal design of the combat system with colourful visual and sound effects, with combo attacks and finishing moves; – powerful storytelling with interesting dialogues, events, and memorable characters;
    – Ability to use atypical tactics of fighting, using different types of weapons and skills;
    – a unique system of magic abilities: each individual skill is self-sufficient and weighty;
    – high pace of gameplay: the features of the mechanical movement of the character and the battle with giant opponents give the player the experience of very dynamic gameplay;
    – very detailed game world with beautiful, modern 3D graphics.


    The world of Illusion Lands is replete with various habitats – from desert gorges to picturesque green plains. The events of the game take place in a variety of locations, which will not let the player get bored and will allow you to enjoy the beautiful, well-developed ecosystem of this world.


    There are several types of weapons at your disposal, each of which will create a unique experience of the gameplay. You can use melee or ranged weapons, depending on the situation and the specific one. Each weapon has its own characteristics and its own pace.


    Large gaming arenas and huge enemies necessitate dynamic movement across the location and the availability of vertical gameplay opportunities. Erwin possesses a number of skills that allow him to perform the tasks of a Devourer-hunter.


    The main character’s irreplaceable assistant is the dragon Fenrir, which is used both as a vehicle and as a combat force. The dragon can incinerate the weak in application power and inflict powerful damage on devourers. Also, the dragon has high speed and manoeuvrability.

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