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    Hola, Muchachos! Hector Mendoza stars in new Desperados III trailer, including with collectors edition

    Developer Mimimi Productions and publisher THQ Nordic introduce Hector Mendoza in a recent trailer of Desperados III featuring his brawling and trapping ways in the wild wild west.


    Collectors Edition


    He’s a thinker

    Is it a man or is it a bear? Hector Mendoza’s sheer force makes him a fearsome opponent for all the gangsters in Desperados III. He wears a cruel axe to … well, better see it for yourself. Also, he lays out his beloved bear trap Bianca, where his opponents can step in and … well, better see it for yourself. And if these elimination methods are still not effective enough for you, Hector also has a sturdy shotgun with the ability to take out multiple targets with one blast.

    Cowboy Features

    • Play five unique characters, each with a very particular set of skills
    • Experience true freedom of choice with countless different ways to overcome any obstacle
    • Defeat large groups of enemies with careful planning and execution
    • Witness the glory of classic Wild West scenarios like frontier towns, mysterious swamps, sprawling modern cities, and many more
    • Choose between non-lethal and deadly attacks, stealth and blazing guns
    • Adjust the game to your playstyle with various difficulty settings and special replay challenges
    • The Showdown mode allows you to pause the game anytime and react to ambushes or surprise attacks

    Desperados III is set to draw out the wild wild west this coming June 16 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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