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    Hello Neighbor 2 Launches Early For Deluxe Edition Owners

    It’s finally time to head back to Raven Brooks. Now, owners of the Deluxe Edition of Hello Neighbor 2 can start playing early, ahead of its December 6th release date. Developed by Eerie Guest Studios and published by tinyBuild, Hello Neighbor 2 for PC, Xbox and PlayStation is the long-awaited sequel to 2017’s family-friendly stealth-horror cult hit.

    Hello Neighbor 2 puts players in the hard-worn hoes of Quentin, a local investigative journalist living in the strange little town of Raven Brooks. For the longest time, there have been rumors and mysteries surrounding the eccentric architect and engineer Mr. Peterson (including a series of Missing Persons cases), but could there be something bigger at play here? Starting with the old Peterson house, players begin on a dangerous investigation across the entire town, infiltrating the homes and hideouts of the town’s most influential figures.
    All that snooping probably won’t earn you any friends. Each building you’ll be exploring is patrolled by an ornery inhabitant with their own unique AI personality, waiting to pounce and throw you out on the street after confiscating any evidence you’ve collected. It’ll take stealth, smarts, and cool nerves to evade their attention, solve the puzzles in each house, track down where Mr. Peterson is hiding out and crack the true mystery of Raven Brooks.

    Hello Neighbor 2 launches on December 6th on PC (Steam or Epic), Xbox, and PlayStation consoles. Deluxe Edition owners can start playing immediately, with full access to the Hello-Copter, Back To School, and Late Fees DLC packs; One new infiltration tool for your collection of cameras and gadgets, plus two massive new missions.

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