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    Hand-Painted Roguelite Shadow of the Depth Launches First Playable Steam Next Fest Demo

    Shenzhen-based developer ChillyRoom is delighted to announce that the first demo for Shadow of the Depth, an upcoming top-down action roguelike, is available now & as part of Steam Next Fest.

    About the Game and demo details

    Dive into an ever-changing, interweaving series of dungeons in the hunt for revenge in this dark and rich action roguelite adventure. Launching in Early Access on Steam later this year, Shadow of the Depth will feature an immersive combat system, five distinct characters, and a dark, hand-drawn world for players to discover.

    The exclusive Steam Next Fest demo, which is available now, includes two of the five playable characters, three levels to explore across a desolate village, and a formidable boss waiting in the depths.

    This exclusive demo offers players the perfect opportunity to get to grips with the rich combat mechanics while also providing a brief taste of what lies in store within the game’s darkest reaches.

    Key Features of the Steam Next Fest Demo:

    • Two Playable Characters, Two Different Playstyles
      Players will take control of two key characters in the demo, Arthur the warrior-son of a blacksmith, and also Phyllis a forest-raised hunter who utilizes a bow during battle. Hellbent on revenge, players will initially take control of Arthur as he tries to avenge the death of his father at the hands of monsters.Heading into battle with a sword and shield, Arthur favors a more defensive playstyle that allows players to block incoming attacks and counter.

    • Endless Possibilities
      Shadow of the Depth features randomly generated levels, which means each new adventure is slightly different to the last. The addition of over 140+ passive abilities empowers players to discover distinct builds for each one of the game’s playable characters. Each new venture into the depths will provide unique and exciting possibilities.
    • Deeply Rewarding Combat Mechanics
      Each character in Shadow of the Depth features its own distinct array of primary and ultimate skills, underpinned by a myriad of combo options. Rhythmic combos, which task players with carefully timing their button hits, add depth to combat encounters, encouraging the mastering of all five of the game’s playable characters.
    • A Hand-Painted World
      Hand-painted visuals help bring Shadow of the Depth’s dark and brooding world to life. Dynamic lighting adds further depth to the world, creating a tangible atmosphere that sits at the heart of every encounter.

    ChillyRoom is excited to offer players this early glimpse of Shadow of the Depth. If you would like to learn more, they would recommend visiting the game’s official Steam page. You can also stay up to date with all of ChillyRoom’s latest updates by following the developer’s official X account.

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