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    Hand-Drawn Hack and Slash Adventure “Go Fight Fantastic!” Announced for PC via Steam on March 26th

    Independent Swedish publisher Kinda Brave Entertainment, in collaboration with Dinomite Games, has today announced that their hand-drawn 1-3 player co-op arcade hack-n-slash Go Fight Fantastic! will be launching on PC via Steam on March 26th, 2024.

    To celebrate the news, the demo has been drastically updated with new content, coinciding with the Steam Remote Play Together event.

    Go Fight Fantastic! captures the spirit of teamwork and cooperation, something we value highly at our team – Embark on a journey across incredible environments, with intense encounters and mysteries to unravel. Whether you choose to play solo or with a party of friends, with the cast of imaginative friends and foes in Go Fight Fantastic! you’ll never be alone

    Alexander Benitez – CEO at Kinda Brave Entertainment

    About The Game

    In Go Fight Fantastic!, traverse through 6-chapter Story Mode with friends or solo, with intuitive character swapping mechanics to swiftly navigate challenges. Whether banding together to save the Bird Planet from an Alien invasion or testing individual prowess in Horde Mode’s endless arena, players will find themselves immersed in exhilarating gameplay, with opportunities to compete for global high scores.

    Classes and more

    Each of the game’s 4 playable characters boasts a unique skill set and playstyle, representing Tank, Healer, Striker, and Archer classes. As players delve deeper into this epic adventure, they will be mesmerized by the beautifully hand-drawn world of Bird People, engaging in deadly encounters and epic boss battles across six distinct biomes.

    Every playthrough promises fresh experiences. Dynamic randomization ensures diverse landscapes, enemy encounters, and upgrade options, allowing players to hone their combat skills to perfection.

    Go Fight Fantastic!
    will launch on Steam on March 26th. However, eager fans can sample the updated and polished demo now as part of the Remote Play Together Steam event, running until February 19th.
    During the event, players will have the opportunity to watch a Developer Stream unveiling an exclusive, previously unreleased playthrough from Chapter Two of the game.
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