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    New Hero “Terra” Slays Her Way Into Third-Person Moba Predecessor

    Omeda Studios, a community-founded studio created by Robbie Singh, has introduced a new Hero, Terra, to their third-person MOBA Predecessor. Wielding a mighty ax and exuding raw strength, Terra can strike fear in the heart of anyone standing in the way of her quest for justice.

    Terra is the latest new addition to the MOBA following Omeda’s May update where they added the new game mode, Brawl, a new map and Hero Aurora.

    Predecessor is available now for free on PC via Steam, Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4/5 and Xbox Series X|S.

    Terra is a fearless and unyielding warrior with a slew of new abilities that can help players change the tide of battle, including:

    • Passive – Hersir is a Passive ability that strengthens and empowers her abilities with additional effects once she’s gained enough stacks.Terra can gain stacks of Hersir by damaging enemies with her basic attacks and abilities. Once she has maximum stacks, her weapons emit a radiant glow and the next ability cast will be empowered.

    • Primary – The Primary ability Ruthless Assault has Terra swing her mighty ax around, dealing two ferocious blows, slashing at all enemies in range. When empowered by Terra’s Passive ability, she strikes a devastating third blow that deals true damage, making this ability extremely potent as her main source of damage.

    • Secondary – Her Secondary ability – Highland Hurl – pulls the strength of Terra’s ancestors to hurl a powerful, spectral ax towards a target, slowing any enemies it hits. While empowered by Hersir, Highland Hurl will also root enemies for a short duration, which makes this ability perfect for initiating ganks, securing takedowns, or disengaging if the battle takes a turn for the worse.

    • Alternate – Wild Rush is Terra’s Alternate ability, where she braces herself before charging forwards into the fray. Any enemies caught in the stampede are blasted back from the impact. When empowered, Wild Rush provides Terra with a shield for a short duration too, which keeps her in the fight a little longer and outlasts enemies on the battlefield.

      • Players can combine this ability with Highland Hurl and Ruthless assault to bear down on their enemies while dealing some serious damage along the way.

    • Ultimate – Unstoppable Force is her Ultimate ability where she strengthens her resolve, bunkering down as an impenetrable bastion on the battlefield. When activated, Unstoppable Force grants Terra maximum Hersir stacks, cleanses all debuffs and makes her completely immune to crowd control effects, while also granting her extra physical and magical armor for the duration.

      • This ability can prove useful in team fights or when players are facing down an enemy who specializes in Crowd Control. Players should activate this Ultimate when an enemy uses one of their main Crowd Control abilities to immediately cleanse the debuff, before rushing them wildly.

    • Items – Players should incorporate various items that increase Terra’s physical power and ability haste to make the most out of her hard-hitting play style along with armor items, depending on the match up to keep her in the fight.


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