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    Gripping Cyber-noir ‘Silicon Dreams’ comes to Steam on April 20th

    A short while back, development duo Clockwork Bird announced that Silicon Dreams, a narrative cyberpunk thriller about interrogating rogue androids, is coming to Steam on April 20th.

    In a corporate-controlled dystopian future where the lines between the real and the artificial have blurred to almost nothing, an interrogation-model android becomes caught between big tech and a brewing revolution. Players can intimidate, manipulate, betray or befriend; they can aid the insurgents or bring about their downfall. They can adhere to their strict programming – or succumb to deviant emotion.

    Silicon Dreams is a Papers, Please style bureaucratic thriller with a Blade Running soul.

    Features list:

    • Speak, or forever hold your peace – Carefully control the flow of information. Decide what to reveal, and when, and to whom.

    • Facts vs feelings – Monitor interviewees’ emotions in real-time – joy, sadness, anger, disgust, shock, and fear. Use this data to plan a strategy & draw conclusions.

    • Live and let die – Choose to spare deviant androids, or condemn them and secure your own survival within the corporation.

    • Branching paths – Move through a vast web of dialogue options and experience multiple endings depending on the path you choose

    Heres a 10 minutes gameplay of how the game works:

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