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    Grave Keeper – A New Hack’n’Slash is Coming to Switch Soon.

    Grave Keeper with its addictive gameplay as well as its unique combination of features known from various game genres. The game is created by Baldur Games, and published by Ultimate Games S.A. and will be available on Nintendo Switch at Q2 of 2019.

    Grave Keeper is letting the player be a bounty hunter who needs to face hordes of enemies and the undefeated Skeleton King. The hunt is taking place in a Forbidden Stronghold – a place that dangerous but full of wealth and unique treasure and

    This is a production embedded in a fantasy world. Grave Keeper stands out, among others, with its unique combination of mechanics known from various game genres. Players will find here, for example, traditional elements for hack’n’slash genre as well as solutions associated with idle/clicker type games. The gameplay is not overly complex, but it can drag on for hours, especially that the challenges are very differentiated and many treasures are awaiting you” says developer Paweł Waszak.

    The game was created with diverse locations and missions, including daily tasks. The bestiary has a total of 14 types of enemies, 9 bosses and the Skeleton King. The game also has 8 locations with a total of over 110 different items to be collected by the player including both weapon and armour.

    There will be a total of 3 game modes in the game. Standard mode, versus and royal fight modes. Which allow the player to fight against other bounty hunters and hordes of enemies.

    In combat, we can use traditional hand and ranged attacks as well as special area attacks. The various types of weapons and armor differ in their parameters and some of them also have unique properties. For example, the automatic regeneration of our character’s health points or poisoning and stunning enemies. There are also useful passive abilities that may have a significant impact on the gameplay” explains Paweł Waszak.

    Main features of Grave Keeper:

    • dynamic gameplay
    • 3 game modes
    • diverse missions
    • daily tasks
    • 14 types of enemies
    • 9 bosses (also in the elite version)
    • undefeated Skeleton King
    • over 110 different items (including swords, axes, crossbows and armour)
    • a system of improving items and acquiring new skills.



    Grave Keeper will be available on Nintendo eShop in the second quarter of this year. And this game will make its debut on the Steam on March 29th, 2019.

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