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    Get read for some comic noir action with Liberated

    Thirsty for some unique mind-blowing comic-inspired action? Liberated breathes new life with seamless gameplay using stealth, wits, and weapons. Published by L.INC, Walkabout and developed by Atomic Wolf.

    The Government is watching

    They are manipulating, monitoring every citizen in the world using social media, online payments and even resorting to location tracking on mobile devices. There are insurgents fighting for their freedom but players will get to experience both sides of the conflict and decide their story based on the choices they make.

    Key Panel Popping Features:

    • Set in a dark world near the future in dystopian comic graphic style
    • 4 chapters in the game, issuing different perspective using different characters
    • Embrace 2D stealth, interactive cut scenes, shooting, all in the name of the revolution!

    Liberated is planned for a 2019 release for PC via Steam and slated as coming soon for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch. Stay tuned for more.

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