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    Tactical RTS game, Fire Commander announced for consoles and PC

    Publisher Movie Games and developers Atomic Wolf and Pixel Crow recently announced the tactical game of leading a team of firefighters titled Fire Commander on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, Xbox One, and PC. The game will firstly be launched on PC this September 15th, followed by consoles at a later date.

    Game details as shared on Steam:

    How would it feel to head a group of firefighters and manage a fire station? Facing the fire and making decisions that can affect the lives of many people? Now you have the chance to experience it in Fire Commander!

    From extinguishing fires to saving people and valuable equipment, experience a variety of environments and dangers, including the risk of a toxic spill. Be free to utilize different vehicles, class specializations, and tools. Creatively combining them, discover multiple ways of dealing with any situation. In action, consider such factors as backdraft, smoke, or materials with a different combustion temperature.

    The welfare of your crew and the success of the missions depend on your decisions.

    Putting your life on the line together can form strong bonds between you and your crew. The team becomes your family. Take care of your people, before and during rescue actions. Send your firefighters on training courses and develop their skills. Be sure that during emergencies, everyone will know what to do.

    • Different classes of firefighters
    • Experience system with unlockable skills
    • Numerous rescue vehicles and a growing fire station
    • Story and side missions
    • An enemy you cannot outpower, only outsmart
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