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    Gentle Monster Eyewear x Overwatch 2 Collaboration

    Upon the release of OVERWATCH 2: INVASION, the Gentle Monster x Overwatch 2 project offers a unique experience that transcends the boundaries between reality and the gaming world. The collaboration’s ‘GENTLE TOKKI Package,’ consisting of tinted sunglasses named ‘TOKKI’ and limited in-game skins, features the popular Overwatch 2 hero, D.Va, as the muse.

    The ‘TOKKI’ eyewear reinterprets D.Va’s signature headgear with Gentle Monster’s distinct aesthetic. The product, available in two colors, comes with a special package box that draws inspiration from D.Va’s transportation robot, the mech TOKKI. The package includes a soft case incorporating elements from TOKKI’s mechanical structure. Additionally, an attachable D.Va figure accompanies the package, completing the immersive experience.

    Each package also contains an exclusive redemption code that allows users to unlock exclusive GENTLE TOKKI D.Va skins and other in-game items.

    The GENTLE TOKKI skin will be available for purchase for a limited period on Overwatch 2, beginning August 17th. The GENTLE TOKKI Package, featuring the collaboration eyewear, will be exclusively gifted to lucky winners selected through an online draw.

    To enter the draw, users can participate in the Instagram “D.Va Challenge” from now until August 31th, 2023 10:59PM(SGT GMT+8). Participants can automatically enter the draw by uploading a photo or video taken with the D.Va filter to their Instagram account and adding the event hashtags. For complete rules and additional details, please check out Gentle Monster’s official website.

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