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    Gather Your Friends And Prepare To Go On An Epic Party Quest

    Assemble your friends and take on a series of fast-paced mini-games as Epic Party Quest is getting released this year. Meet its developers from Redi Games at Develop:Brighton this July on PC.

    Epic Party Quest is a retro, fast-paced, local multiplayer game inspired by the golden age of pixel art. The game will be playable with up to four players using a keyboard and gamepads but also on your mobile phone using a downloadable app which makes the game playable on the go. Additionally, the game is very easy to learn, so anyone can grab a controller and join, which makes it an all-sound friends and family experience.

    Players can choose between four characters but can customise them using adjustable skins. Every mini-game is set in a different unique realm with a tribute to pixel art and comes in two distinct versions. There are fifteen fast paced, easy to grasp mini-games and each provides a unique player experience. Go on adventures with your friends, slay monsters, race for treasures, and go on exploits. Then settle in a tavern and reminisce about your past voyages.

    Redi Games are going to be participating in Develop:Brighton between July 11th – 13th which will take place in Brighton, UK. They will display their game demo for Epic Party Quest, where 15 mini-games will be available for public testing for the first time ever. The head of the studio and game designer, Jacek Lendzioszek, along with other developers, will be present to show and talk about the game with visitors. Everyone is welcome to play the game and talk to the team which would be delighted to answer your questions. Epic Party Quest is due to be released at the end of this year and is guaranteed to bring back some childhood nostalgia.

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