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    gamescom asia is Back with a New Monthly Digital Miniseries

    gamescom asia is back to support the Asian game industry and keep the global gaming industry connected with a new digital miniseries with monthly episodes of high-quality webinars and info sessions.

    The series consists of two segments over a period of eight months titled “Games Market Bootcamps” and “GameDev Talks”. These casual sessions are primarily for the business-to-business (B2B) trade audience to exchange knowledge, network, and forge new partnerships.

    These sessions will be held from October 2020 until January 2021 with details of the session below.

    Games Market Bootcamps (From October 2020)
    The Games Market Bootcamps consist of eight monthly three-hour episodes that provide comprehensive insights into fast growing, yet often under-explored game markets in Asia Pacific.
    We review a new games market at each online episode, bringing on significant movers and shakers of the respective local gaming ecosystems and revealing the latest country statistics on key trends, gamer insights and future forecasts. Specially curated for the B2B trade audience, the episodes will have live Q&A with speakers and panellists.
    These insights not only help spotlight the Asia Pacific but provide the B2B trade audience around the world with a better understanding of these thriving, yet completely unique markets in the region.
    All in all, the Games Market Bootcamp will cover The Philippines, Indonesia, gamescom asia host country – Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and India.
    The sessions are brought to you free by gamescom asia, our associations, and partners. The first bootcamp on The Philippines takes place on 15 October 2020, Thursday, 3:00pm to 5:30pm Singapore Time (GMT+8). Interested attendees can view the agenda, speakers, and register for The Philippines Bootcamp for free at this link.
    GameDev Talks (From January 2021)
    Starting from January 2021, the online GameDev Talks are four monthly topical sessions hosting international video game industry veterans and experts, including live Q&A.
    These content-driven sessions will delve into game development, storytelling, audio visual, emerging technologies and interactive techniques, and more.
    Episodes are free and will be made available to a wider audience of not just trade but gaming fans eager to learn about what goes on behind their favourite games.
    The first episode of GameDev Talks is slated for January 2021 and will run parallel with the Games Market Bootcamps. More information on these online sessions will be made available in due course.

    You can view the session and agenda at

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